Global framework of interactions with Heath Care Professionals : Loi anti-cadeaux in France

Duration: 60 minutes


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Why watch


Are in you interested in knowing more about rules for interactions with HCP in France? This webinar offers you a compact overview on this topic, along with specifics required and rules you need to be aware of. 
There are various questions that need to be answered by companies considering operations with HCP, such as:
•    What are the concerned operations with HCP ?
•    What about HCO, what about students ? 
•    Which authorities are involved ? 
•    What kind of submissions shall be done ? 
•    Is a formal autorization expected ? 
This webinar explores interactions with HCP and HCO and their global regulatory framework in France together with basic rules of disclosure of transfer of values.


Key Learnings

  •  French regulatory framework for LAC, Loi anti-cadeaux 
  •  French global framework on Relationship with HCP and concerned authorities
  •  System of declaration and authorization
  •  What about disclosure of transfer of values ?

A full hour of inspirational speaker(s)

Blandine Bourrinet

Director, Regulatory Consulting and QMC Representative, PharmaLex

Blandine is a pharmacist by training. She gained experience during 15 years in pharmaceutical companies both in French affiliate and in European Corporate. 
Her area of expertise as Consultant are Regulatory in France, more specifically dedicated to the pharmaceutical Responsibility and the area of the 'exploitant'.