Basic rules of pharmaceutical advertising in France

Duration:  1 hour 


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Why watch


Are in you interested in knowing more about drug promotion in France? This webinar offers you a compact overview on how to promote a drug in France along with specifics and rules you need to be aware of. You will be introduced to a full spectrum of details: from the basic rules, to promotion for the public and for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), as well as the so-called 'visa' rule (i.e. pre-approval system). 

Key Learnings

  •  French regulatory framework for medicines promotion
  •  Pre-approval system ('visa')
  •  Main rules for promotion to public and to HCP

A full hour of inspirational speaker(s)

Paul Bolot

Manager, Promotional Materials, PharmaLex

After a working for several pharmaceutical companies, Paul joined PharmaLex in June 2017.
He is a pharmacist by training and holds a Master's degree in Regulatory Affairs. At PharmaLex, he leads various regulatory activities (labelling, readability testing, etc.). In the area of advertising, he is involved in the regulatory review of promotional and non-promotional documents, the submission of visa applications and advice on institutional and disease-related communication, for both medicines and medical devices. With his experience, Paul is sharing his knowledge and offers hands-on trainings on the mentioned topics.