Bayesian Adaptive Approaches in Rare and Pediatric Disease

Duration: 1 hour & 12 minutes


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Why watch

Key Learnings: 

  •  Brief review of Complex Innovative Trial Designs (CIDs) and role of Bayesian adaptive methods
  •  Importance in rare and pediatric disease; need to deal with small sample sizes and low power using traditional methods
  •  Use of power, commensurate, robust mixture prior methods to cautiously borrow strength from historical controls and other auxiliary data, including natural history studies
  •  Exemplification across a wide range of rare and pediatric settings

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Bradley P. Carlin

Senior Advisor Data Science and Statistics, PharmaLex

Brad Carlin is a statistical researcher, methodologist, consultant, and instructor.  Prior to joining PharmaLex, he spent 27 years on the faculty of the Division of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, serving as division head for 7 of those years.  He has published more than 185 papers in refereed books and journals, and has co-authored three popular textbooks on Bayesian statistical methods and their applications in spatial statistics and adaptive clinical trials.  During his spare time, Brad is a health musician and bandleader, providing keyboards and vocals in a variety of venues.  He is extremely excited to have joined the PharmaLex data science and statistics team.