Overview of the biotech drug development pathway

Duration: 58 minutes


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Why watch


Biopharmaceuticals consist of some of the top blockbuster medicinal products in the industry. Biotechnology product development for major markets such as US/EU as well as other regions of the world is continuing to increase. Analysis shows that developers who prepare global upfront strategies and utilize risk-based tools benefit from efficiency and save resources leading to faster market entry.

Key learnings

  •  Overview of the multidisciplinary (CMC, non-clinical and clinical) requirements for the development of biotech products
  •  Highlight of all critical requirements
  •  Summary of common CMC pitfalls and how to avoid them

A full day of inspirational speakers

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Zeb Younes

Director, Regulatory Affairs, PharmaLex

Zeb Younes has over 16 years of experience in biopharmaceutical / biosimilar development lifecycle from proof of concept through to, and beyond commercialization with both laboratory and desk based experience in process development, purification, formulation, method development, characterisation, validation, comparability, release and stability testing. Zeb has experience with ATMPs, vaccines, recombinant proteins including monoclonal antibodies and derivatives and over 10 different biosimilar products.